HYALOFAST® is a biodegradable hyaluronan based (HYAFF®) scaffold for one-step surgical treatment of chondral and osteochondral defects.

HYALOFAST® acts as a support for mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from bone marrow aspirate (concentrated or not) or as a chondroprotective coverage which favors in situ residence of mesenchymal stem cells after their mobilization due to micro fracture and/or perforation procedures. Thanks to its 3D structure and to the hyaluronan properties, HYALOFAST® guides.

HYALOFAST® guides tissue remodeling and promote the healing of both the bone and cartilage tissues through the action of the MSCs which have populated the scaffold.

HYALOFAST® is versatile and it can be:

  • pre-loaded with bone marrow aspirate (concentrated or not) prior to implantation;
  • applied directly onto the microfractured bleeding lesion surface.

For both approaches, the implantation of HYALOFAST® can be performed by mini-invasive techniques, such as mini-arthrotomy or arthroscopy, at the physician’s discretion.