Technical Information

HYALOFAST® is a white non-woven pad entirely composed of HYAFF®, a semi-synthetic derivative of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring extracellular matrix molecule and a major component of human cartilage. After spontaneous degradation following application, the polymer releases the parent molecule enriching the transplantation site with hyaluronic acid.

HYALOFAST® is a biodegradable support for the entrapment of mesenchymal stem cells for the repair of chondral or osteochondral lesions.

HYALOFAST® acts as a support for bone marrow aspirate or as a chondroprotective coverage which favors in situ residence of mesenchymal stem cells after their mobilization due to microfracture or perforation procedures.

HYALOFAST® is initially filling the defect and temporarily substituting the chondral and osteochondral tissue in the lesions until it is absorbed and replaced by the skeletal tissue.